Germany Reports
  Global Research Output Region/Country Markets Frequency Topic
Germany Real Estate Market Outlook 2018 Germany Germany Annual Office, Retail, Industrial, Investment, Economic, Healthcare, Residential, Hotel
Germany Retail Investment MarketView Q4 2017 Germany Germany, Pan-Germany Quarterly Retail, Investment
Germany Retail Report 2017 Germany Germany Annual Retail
Germany - Berlin Retail Market 2017 - Dynamics, Innovation and Diversity Germany Berlin, Germany Annual Retail
Germany Care Homes Major Report 2016/2017 Germany Germany Annual Special Topic
Germany Warehouse and Logistics MarketView Q3 2017 Germany Germany Annual Industrial
Europe Hotel Investment MarketView Snapshot Q3 2017 EMEA Central and Eastern Europe, EMEA, France, Germany, Nordics, United Kingdom, Western Europe Quarterly Investment, Hotel
Frankfurt Office MarketView Q3 2017 Germany Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt Banking District, Frankfurt City, Frankfurt West End, Germany Quarterly Office
Germany Residential Portfolio Investment Marketview Q3 2017 Germany Germany Quarterly Investment, Residential
Germany Office Investment MarketView Q3 2017 Germany Germany Quarterly Office
Germany Investment Quarterly MarketView Q3 2017 Germany Germany Quarterly Economic
Germany Investment MarketView H1 2017 Germany Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Hamburg, Munich, Pan-Germany Half-yearly Investment
Germany ViewPoint - Real Estate Financing Market Q1 2017 Germany Germany Ad-hoc Economic
Germany Residential Major Report - VONOVIA & CBRE Housing Market 2016 Germany Germany Ad-hoc Residential
Germany Retail Letting Market Q4 2016 Germany Germany Half-yearly Retail
Frankfurt Investment MarketView H2 2016 Germany Frankfurt am Main, Germany Ad-hoc Investment
Germany ViewPoint - Factory Outlet Center: From the Niche to the New Asset Class Q3 2016 Germany Germany Ad-hoc Retail
Germany Real Estate Finance ViewPoint - Changed Demand For Loans in Low-Interest Environment, Q2 2016 Germany Germany Ad-hoc Investment, Economic, Special Topic
About Real Estate - German Healthcare: An Alternative Asset Class on the Rise January 20, 2016 Germany Germany Ad-hoc Healthcare